Monday, June 29, 2009

Eyes to See (A Fictional Story)

Andrew Willis has struggled for years to survive in a world where sight is taken for granted. Blindness has been his unwelcome guest since birth. He's prayed for eyes to see, but the darkness continues. As a teenager, He heard a preacher on the radio, who spoke of the free gift of salvation. The Lord opened his heart to the reality of heaven and to the mystery of God's grace. Ever since Jesus knocked on his door, he's ached for them. He prays daily for light to shine into their darkened hearts - those that haven't met the Savior. He knows that only God's light can bring repentance. Only He can bring understanding to those lost in sin.

Because of his disability, Andrew is unable to work; he receives money from the government to help him pay his bills. He also plays his guitar, sings gospel songs, and preaches on the street corner. He is not eloquent or scholarly. He holds no degrees, but Andrew has a heart for God. This one who cannot see the sun or the trees sees so much more than most people. His pursuit for the eternal pales in comparison to the average churchgoer.

I heard him preach one day on the street corner, dressed in tattered rags. He urged anyone listening to give their heart to the Lord and receive His forgiveness. Then he played his guitar and sang, “Amazing grace how sweet the sound, who saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I'm found was blind, but now I see...” I realized that this man truly understood those words.

There was something beautiful about him. He reflected Christ with stark simplicity and devotion. Conviction drew me closer. My perceptions about a life of faith and ministry were being challenged. I slowly walked over to Andrew and then asked him, “Would you pray for me that I would have a heart like yours. A heart that is focused and single minded in pursuing the things of God?” He smiled and said, “I will pray for you. Dear Lord, give my brother eyes to see the depth of his sin as well as the majesty of Your grace. And give him a burden for those that don't know you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen!”

Unexpected tears fell from my eyes. I thanked Andrew and then caught a bus to go to school. I was working toward my doctorate in Theology. While on the bus, I silently prayed, Dear Father help me to have a soul that simply longs for you and that yearns to see others know you as well. In Your Name I pray. Something changed in my heart that day. Sophistication was transformed to childlike humility and faith. Perhaps for the first time I began to see - thanks to a poor blind man sold out to Jesus.

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