Saturday, July 20, 2013

On Hearing His Voice

My sheep hear my voice. John 10:27

The Lord desires to speak to His children. Yes, He communicates to us through His written word. Jesus, the Living Word and the Scriptures our the foundation for our faith. But the Lord offers us the ability to hear His voice so He can convey His love for us, guide us, shepherd us, and make us more like Him. Don't you want that kind of fellowship with the Lord?

Allow the Lord to speak to You. Spend time in His presence and write down any impressions or spontaneous words you may hear. He usually speaks to us in a still small voice. Jesus said, "My sheep recognize my voice." (John 10:14)  If you are His, you have access to this kind of relationship. Come before Him and ask Him to speak to you. Then write down what you hear. After you have finished, weigh what you have written against the truth of Scripture. If there is anything you've written that does not agree with the truth of God's word, throw it away. But if you are devoted to the Lord and regularly saturate yourself with the words of the Bible, you will find that much of what you hear comes from the Lord. Here is something the Lord spoke to me this morning....

Dear Jesus,

What would You say to me this day?

Come My son and worship Me. Spend time in My presence. Let Me cover you in My love. I take great delight in our time together. Your worship blesses Me. Let Me minister to you as you minister to Me. I am with you as you minister to Me. I am with you. I have clothed you in My righteousness. You are mine; I am yours. Come and follow me. Come and spread my good news. Allow me to use you. I love you and I have chosen you. Come.

Friday, July 12, 2013


Who is sound through and through
Keeps her word, speaks the truth?

Who admits when he has failed
Turns from sin, and then prevails?

Who chooses honor over fame
Walks with courage
Will not cheat in the game?

Who puts God first
Over thirst
For other things?

Who chooses right
Throughout the fight?

A person of integrity that's who
One who chooses to be true
Relying on the Spirit and the word
This individual's prayers will be heard

The Lord's blessing this person will see
Because he or she lives with integrity