Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Faithful, Kind God

You knew me before I was born
You sought me when I ran from Your face
Your faithful hand led me to obedience

Great is Your faithfulness
Awesome is Your faithful kindness

I am lost without Your touch
Surely Your arm is not too short to save

You are my Deliver
Righteous and True
None is like You

Great is Your faithfulness
How awesome Your faithful kindness

When I rose from the waters of baptism
You caused sin to die within me
I am nothing without You
My Lord and King

Great is Your faithfulness
Your faithful kindness astounds me

My faithful, kind God
To You be all the glory

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Prayer

Dear Lord of Heaven,

Teach me Your ways. Let me not long to be noticed, instead let me desire to be a servant, to lift You up, to bring You glory. May you become greater, may I become less. Help me to pursue Your goals and dreams for my life. Give me a heart for the hurting. Give me a passion to see the lost find their way home. Make me an instrument of your agape love. Help me to stand for righteousness. Let me glory in Your truth. May I tremble at Your word. Help me, Lord, to value the things You value. Keep me free from the love of worldly things. Teach me to live for the eternal not the temporary. Help me to honor You in all I do. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Lost My Keys

I lost my keys
For the third time this week
After searching
Up and down
From corner to corner

I remembered to pray
The answer came soon and sweet
I found my sunken treasure 

You care for the seemingly insignificant details
The mundane happenings
You’re concerned with the little things
Of our lives 

Surely you know the number of hairs on my head
You perceive that they are slowly diminishing 

Daily miracles trail my cries to You
You take good care of me
Even in the ordinary affairs of this life
You shower me with love 

Sometimes answers do not come
So swiftly

But you still have our best in mind
You envelop us in Your care
You work all things together toward a good end
Your hand weaves wonders into the details of our lives

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Word From the Lord

Here is something the Lord spoke to me this morning.  I hope it ministers to you.
Dear Lord Jesus,
Good morning.  Good morning Father, good morning Holy Spirit.  I worship You.  You are holy.  Lord I exalt You.  I praise You.  I love You.  Be exalted Oh God.  Be exalted.  Lord, what would You say to me this day, this independence day?  Tom, I am for you.  I am your God.  Be free in me unencumbered by the weight of sin - liberated from guilt and feelings of inferiority.  Come alive in me.  I am your source, your freedom, your joy.  Know that I love you.  I died for you.  I laid my life down for you and suffered in your place.  I would do it again if justice demanded it.  But know that your sins are forgiven – past, present, and future.  Know that I have prepared a place for You.  One day you will reign with me along with all the other followers of Me.  Celebrate this day - this day when America was born.  Pray for this great nation.  I desire to see revival touch this land.  Pray, pray, pray.  Know that I shed my blood for every life, for every soul.  Stand in the gap for their souls.  Declare freedom for the captives, Tom - freedom! This is the day of my salvation. Come and worship Me. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Secret to Greater Productivity

There is a secret
To greater productivity
A Sabbath rest 

If I work without pause
I find life wearisome
I become worn and weathered

If I take time
Drawing nourishment from the Vine
I discover supernatural strength
You redeem the time
I find I’ll do just fine

Because I waited upon the One
Who fills my cup
And enables me to soar