Saturday, February 22, 2014

To Love Again

I found myself in the dark
My eyes failed to perceive
Lost in an abyss that left me blind

My heart forgot its focus
Deep inside I failed to follow You
When selfishness took the place of love
When hatred triumphed over me

How can I find my way out of this labyrinth?
I cried out to You my Shepherd
You sought and found me like a lost sheep
You extended to me the key

Thank you Jesus for teaching me to love again

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Through Every Season

Seasons change like the shifting colors of a chameleon. Like leaves stirred by the wind. Like the dawning of a new day... Light shines revealing what's new. Sometimes difficulty surfaces. At other times blessings are exposed. No matter what new thing we face, we follow the One who has already been there.

He has already won the victory, defeated the armies, canceled the curse. Jesus is Lord of our seasons. He will help us foot any terrain. In Him, we are more than conquerors – champions who can face any foe. The Holy Spirit, will show us things to come. He will prepare us for all that is to come. We can rest under the shadow of the Most High. His wings are our refuge. His grace enables us to win, to grow, to rise above during every season of our lives.

At times, we will loose our footing. When we fall, He causes us to come up higher. At times, we may get discouraged, but He will help us as we learn to encourage ourselves in the Lord. God is with us, He is with us before, during, and after each new season of our lives. Do not fear, the Lord is with you through it all. Seasons change, but our Lord never does, and His love will surely see us through.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hope is an anchor for the soul
Securing us amidst the chaos
When the storm ensues
We will look to You

You give us peace when our eyes
See Your face
You're the anchor that holds
Beneath the waves

We wait in expectation
For Your glory to be revealed
For You to come upon the scene

We know You are the One
Who will make all things new

The Messiah, The Christ
Jesus the reason for our Hope
You will soon return
We wait patiently for You