Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Prayer

Dear Father God,

I embrace Your limitless care for me. I receive Your love. I don't deserve it and never will. I am a jumbled mess of mixed emotions, like electric wires all tangled in a heap. My heart is constructed with some good, yet some misguided intentions. Much of the time I am oblivious to my great need for Your mercy. Forgive me Lord for my shallowness, for believing I have it all together. I am sorry. My only hope is Your righteousness, and You give this to me as a gift. Thank You. I worship You my King. I give You all my fears - those known and those I don't perceive. I ask You to prepare me for the year ahead - for the troubled seas and the days of dancing in the sun. Give me today my daily bread. Provide for my needs and help me to meet the needs of others. Lord, open my eyes to see your goodness, even in the midst of pain. Lord I love You and praise You. Thank You for giving me all that You are so that I can know You as You really are. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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