Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Seed of God's Word

The farmer sows the word. Matthew 4:14

Jesus told a parable of a farmer scattering seeds. Some fell along the path and were immediately devoured by birds. Some fell on rocky soil. They grew at a fast pace, but had no substantial root system and died in the heat of the sun. Others also grew, but were choked by thorns. The last group took root and flourished. The seeds produced a crop of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times what was sown.

God gives us His word for an intended result. He desires that the seed of His word should take root in us and multiply. The Lord wants His character to grow within us, and He wants to fulfill his promises to us that are found on the pages of His written word.

When Christ explained this parable to His disciples, He mentioned four types of “heart-soil”. The condition of our hearts determines how God's word will grow in us when we hear a Biblical message or read the Bible on our own. The first set of seeds fell on the path and the birds immediately ate them up. This represents the unbelieving heart. People that resist God's word allow Satan to immediately steal it from them. The second group of seeds grew quickly, but soon dried up. These people have little foundation in them and they quickly give up when trouble or persecution comes their way. The third group were choked by thorns. Jesus explains that they represent individuals who allow the temporal worries of this life, the deceitfulness of wealth (the love of money) and the desires for other things (placing other things before the Lord) to choke God's word making it ineffective in their lives.

The last group of hearers produced a harvest. They represent the believer who hears, receives, understands, and puts into practice the word of God. This is the person that God abundantly blesses. As we spend time reading God's word, lets cultivate a heart that resists negative influences and seeks for God's wisdom. Let's obey God's word and allow His character to flourish within us. The power of God's word is like a seed that grows and grows. It is able to affect our entire outward behavior. Transformation in the Christian's life does not come by self determination, but by relying on the power of God's word and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let's scatter the word of God in our hearts by reading the Bible and listening to uplifting Bible-centered messages. At the same time, let's watch over our hearts to ensure that they are good ground for the God's precious seed. As we do these things, we allow Christ's character to flourish in us, and we will become partakers of the promises of God.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Help me to cultivate a good heart that is responsive to your word. Teach me and grow me as I spend time reading your word. Help me to understand it and obey it. I love you Lord and thank you for being patient with me as I follow you.

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