Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Prayerful Challenge Update

I have been praying for a family that lives near me. Today, I bought Pillsbury cookie dough – the kind that comes in a tube. Although I'm not the greatest around the kitchen, I think I can handle baking some delicious treats for my neighbors. I may see if my wife, Lou, would like to help. She doesn't always like me fooling around in the kitchen. I tend to make a mess when I cook, but I always clean up when I'm finished.

My goal is simply to be a blessing to them. They are kind people. I may include a tract that I have written with the plate. The tract tells the gospel story in a winsome way. I am not interested in pushing them to come to Christ. I just want to show them Christ love and gently point the way. Have you thought of someone who you could be a blessing to?  Remember, you are the light of the world.



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