Friday, February 17, 2012

From the Dust

From the dust of the earth man was formed
Creator God breathed out miracle-life
Adam, crafted into the image of Jehovah with a word
Adam, spotted with fingerprints of the Divine

But soon the man and his helpmate ate of forbidden fruit
The clay was severely jarred
Their God-likeness marred
They fell headfirst into the abyss of selfishness

But God made a way
To reclaim His race
Christ’s blood reclaimed
Fallen man’s disgrace

We that hearken unto Jesus
Find His forgiveness frees us

Now the clay is restored
To its former beauty
Vessels of honor
Carrying the glory

His image shines through
When all is calm
When we suffer for the King
His glorious light is more vividly revealed

After dust returns to dust
We will bask in the light of His face
Along with all the redeemed
This born again race
With new bodies we’ll reign
Under God Sovereign

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