Friday, December 30, 2011

Joy Comes to Stay

What do we do when the black cloud lingers?
When disappointments hang overhead?
What do we do when joy slips through our fingers?
When great expectations turn sour instead?

Where are God's answers at times like these?
Why is there silence from the Prince of Peace?

But He holds the tapestry of our lives
He weaves the perfect end
We are not losers, with Him we'll eventually win

It may be further down the road when we find the answer
It may be when we see Him face to face
But every tear, every pain, every scar He surely will erase

Pain comes to every life
Father God will hold us in His arms
Pain comes to every life
But Jesus heals us from everything that harms

Victory awaits the upright
Joy comes to stay
When we wait upon the Lord
He will make a way

Sorrow may visit for a night
But in the morning, joy comes to stay

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