Thursday, December 1, 2011

No Ordinary Child

A Baby was born two millennia ago
This was no ordinary Child
Conceived by the Holy Spirit
Son of Joseph and Mary
Yet Son of God

Shepherds heard the angels sing
Glory to the newborn King
Hosanna in the highest

Born in a manger
Surrounded by farm animals
The stuff of earth

This One now leads us
This One now saves us
This One is the Word made flesh

Fully man, fully God
The child became our Master
King of kings and Lord of lords

You were God before
You are God now
In ages past, You created the world
Along with the Father and the Spirit
The Three, One
You created paradise

When man fell
You made a way of redemption
You willingly came to earth
To live
To die
To live again

Your death paid the ransom for our souls
You were born as a baby
To live before us
To preach, teach, heal, and deliver
To suffer and die in our place
On the cruel cross

We gave you our sin
You gave us Your righteousness
Without You we are nothing

Thank you for leaving glory
To come and live among us
Lord, we owe you everything we have
And everything we are

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