Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Oyster

It lay unobtrusive in the belly of the oyster
Under the cold blue waters
A single grain of sand
An irritant
The beginning of a blessing

Trouble twists and turns us
Along the path
But God uses hardships
For our benefit

The Lord transforms our peril into pearls
It is only through the irritant
That a pearl is formed
It is only through difficulty
That our character is carved
Into Christ's likeness

The Holy Spirit uses our pain
To produce within us His priceless pearls
Building blocks comprising Christian maturity

Joseph felt the sting
When they sold him into slavery
When they thrust him into prison
Though innocent

But these years made him
Into a man
Wise and full of integrity
At the appointed time
He was lifted to a place of prominence
Second in command of Egypt

The Lord transforms our peril into pearls
Suffering into a treasure of the sea
As we offer Him our lives,
God is changing you and me

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