Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Glorious Invitation

God calls us to a glorious invitation. We have been invited to partake in a bountiful banquet. We have access to the presence of the King. The Lord desires intimacy with all His children, and it is possible for us to experience a deep personal relationship with our Lord. You can hear His voice. You can experience His presence.

Christ's blood was shed so that we could have boldness to enter into the holy of holies. All our past sins have been forgiven. They are washed by the blood. We must believe that we have been forgiven. God wants us to repent of our sin, confess it before Him, and accept His gift of righteousness.

The Holy Spirit desires to draw us into a more personal relationship with God. We can come into His presence through praise and worship and through prayer. We can also grow in our relationship with Him by reading and obeying His word. The Father is looking for those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

Let's draw near to the One who changes hearts. Let's worship the Master. Let's approach Him in humility. In His presence is fullness of joy. Let's make it our practice to enter into His presence every day. When we spend time with our Father God, we experience inner transformation. When we draw near to Him, we are changed. Come and partake of the bountiful banquet the Lord has prepared for you. Come into the presence of the King. Make it your habit to come into the King's presence and you will never be the same – all because of His glorious invitation!

Dear Father God,

Thank you for inviting me into Your presence. Please forgive me of any sin that would hinder me from knowing You. I thank You that I have been made righteous because of Your precious blood. Lord, I surrender all to You and I worship You. You are pure and holy. Lord, I love you. Help me to know You more. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!         

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