Sunday, November 2, 2014

Inside This Well

Lord You see the recesses of my heart
Every nook and cranny
Every single part

Is the water clean inside this well?
Am I bound to heaven or bound to hell?

Is wisdom flowing from this spring?
Or is it foolishness I bring?

Help me Lord to live for You
To abide in love
To live for truth

You see the rooms inside my heart
Take up your throne
Fill up each part

When Your blood atones for my misdeeds,
Then I shall be pure
Then I shall be clean

Let me not taint the water I give away
With selfish deeds and selfish ways

Come search my heart oh Holy Spirit
Let me know Your truth
Let me always fear it

Come search my heart oh Holy King
Come seek until you find anything
That grieves Your heart and brings displeasure
May Your blood cleanse and bring this treasure

Of a willing heart and willing mind
Of a well within where beggars find
Your living water flowing full and free

Bringing others to blessed eternity

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