Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas is For-Giving

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year. It is a time of wonder and giving. It is a season when family members come together and enjoy the warmth of one another's company. But for some, Christmas stirs up negative emotions. I believe that some who are reading this blog have been hurt from the words and actions of others. My prayer for you this Christmas is that you would know the healing power of Jesus' love.

During Christmas, we celebrate the birth of a King. Jesus, born in a manger, lived a perfect life, and then paid the penalty for our sins on the cross. When He hung on that tree, He experienced stark separation from God the Father. He allowed His heart to be broken so we could receive healing in our own hearts. He lives in the hearts of those who have invited Him in. But He can't fully express Himself through us if we harbor unforgiveness towards others.

The only way to have a heart that's whole and free is to learn to forgive others – in fact, Christmas is for-giving. When we forgive, we set ourselves free from the chains that bind us, and we give God's love to others. When we forgive, we can look to the Holy Spirit to show us how we should love the person who has hurt us. We become like a flower that opens its pedals to the world. God wants the fragrance of His love to flow through us. He does not want us to be closed to others. He wants us to be an open door.

Sometimes forgiveness is a process that begins with a choice – an act of faith that is not dependent on the way we feel. We may have to bring our hurts before the Lord more than a few times, but eventually, with His help, we can forgive.

This Christmas, let's allow the love of God to flow in us and through us. Let's take the time to allow the Holy Spirit to search our hearts and to show us if there are any areas in our heart that need God's healing touch.

Dear Holy Spirit,

I ask you to to search my heart. Please show me if I am holding unforgiveness against anyone. Come and heal me Lord. I choose to forgive those that have offended me. Make my heart an open door. I receive your healing, Lord, in Jesus name, Amen.

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