Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Holy Spirit is His Name

He’s my Helper, He’s my Guide
He has come alongside
He’s our Lover and our Friend
He’ll be with us till the end

His power none can tame
The Holy Spirit is His name
He can resurrect the dead
He reminds us of what Christ said

He brings glory to the Lamb
He is the Great I Am
He is patient, He is kind
He is Truth, He does not lie

He’s the One who lives within
Frees us from the will to sin
Sends us to the lost
Points us to the cross

The Holy Spirit is His name
He’s not interested in fame
If we keep our consciences' clean
His heart we will not grieve

The Holy Spirit is His name
Through His power we are changed

We love you Holy Spirit
You are precious to behold
Like the wind we feel you
Though we do not see Your form

Come Oh Holy Spirit
Come invade our space
Welcome Holy Spirit
We long for Your embrace

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