Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Update on My Mom

My mom asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior yesterday afternoon! Although she has suffered from some confusion since the incident last Thursday, I am confident that my mom became a Christian, while I led her in a prayer to receive Christ.  This is so wonderful.  All I can say is that the Lord is absolutely FAITHFUL!  I have been praying for the salvation of those in my immediate family since 1984.  I am trusting for my father and my brother to accept the Lord as well.

My mom has made fairly good progress physically.  Her double vision seems to be going away, and she is becoming more mobile with her walker.  She still has some confusion and memory problems.  We covet your prayers for her complete recovery. 
The doctors now believe that her heart stopped for several seconds causing her to become unconscious.  Back in August of 2011, my mom had triple bypass surgery, and she has sometimes had a problem with irregular heartbeats.  One of the doctors at the hospital has suggested that my mom have a defibrillator implanted in her chest.  This device will monitor her heart and give her a shock to restart her heart, if her heart muscle has irregular beats for a dangerous length of time.  She will have the surgery as early as tomorrow. 
Today the neurologist gave us wonderful news.  He said my mom would fully recover.  This means no more confusion, no more memory problems, and no more double vision.  This is an answer to prayer!  Thank you so much for lifting up my mom in prayer.  God definitely answers the believing cries of his children.  Let me encourage you: expect the Lord to keep His promises to you – every one. 

Tom Toya

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