Saturday, April 21, 2012

Request for Prayer

Some of you may have already heard that my mom was rushed to the hospital Thursday night. My dad found her in bed breathing forcibly. When he tried to wake her, she was unresponsive. He called my wife, and I and we told him to call 911. We arrived at the hospital shortly after the ambulance. They placed a tube in her throat to ensure that she could breathe, and then they ran a battery of tests on her.

My wife and I began praying from the moment we knew something was wrong. On Friday morning, the Lord spoke to me and said, “This sickness will not be unto death.” When my father and I arrived at the hospital on Friday after a short sleep, we learned that she was doing much better. They took the tube out of her throat and she was breathing on her own. She could talk, but was very disoriented and confused. She had poor short term memory and didn't even know the year or the name of the president of the United States. She also was seeing double. The doctors had told us that she most likely either had a mild stroke or a seizure. The latter scenario was much more favorable. The doctors said that if she had a seizure, she should recover quickly from all the effects she is now having from the ordeal. If she had a stroke, the prognosis would not be as good. We continued praying. I am very grateful for my wife, Lou, who sent text messages out to many people asking for prayer support.

Good news came last night (Friday) when the neurologist told us that she had not had any serious brain damage, which meant that she most likely had a seizure and not a stroke. I am sharing this story to testify of God's faithfulness, but also to ask those reading this blog to pray for my mom. Her name is Marina Toya. She is not a believer (neither is my father or my brother). I would like to ask for you to pray for my mom's healing and for salvation to come to my family. Thank you so very much!


Tom Toya

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