Saturday, April 7, 2012

Journal Entry the Saturday Before Easter

Here is something the Lord spoke to me tonight.  I hope it is an encouragement to you.  God Bless, and Happy Resurrection Day!

My son,

I have chosen you.  I have called you.  You are mine.  Two thousand years ago on a Saturday I lied silent in the grave.  My body was lifeless.  But on Sunday morning I rose from the grave.  I conquered death.  I defeated the devil and his cohorts.  I am victorious.  And because I live you live as well.  All those that call upon Me and upon My name shall be saved.  They shall escape the power of death.  You have seen many things in your lifetime.  Many times I have brought you out of dire situations.  Know this, I will breathe life upon your negative circumstances.  You are going through a trial, but I am here to bring you through.  I will cause you to be victorious.  Keep your heart pure, love your enemies, and I will bring you over.  Love is the most powerful thing in the universe.  I am Love.  Do good to those that spitefully use you, Tom, and I will cause you to reign.  Two thousand years ago, I defeated death.  Now appropriate my victory in your situation, and I will give you the victory, says the Lord.

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