Saturday, September 24, 2011

God's Love

It's the greatest thing in heaven and earth
It triumphs over all the world

Its hand can heal the twisted soul
Make broken lives completely whole

It is love, God's love

When Christ hung
On that splintered cross
It was love that moved Him
To save the lost

It was love, God's love

When we face an enemy
And choose to pray for him or her
On bended knee

When we extend our hands
To feed the poor
And to the outcast open the door
We display

Love, God's love

For no attribute can compare
To the greatest gift we have to share
Though many live unaware

Let's give to each other love, God's love

For have you heard? Did you know?
That God is love from head to toe.
If He's the One we're living for

We'll walk in love, God's love

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