Friday, September 18, 2009

The Future

Some things the Master tells us
He shows us things to come
Some things the Father hides
The future here's unknown

By faith we look ahead
In hope we do believe
The Lord will open doors for us
His promise He will keep

Guide us Holy Spirit
Let Your power come
Give to us Your wisdom
Shining from the Son

We surrender all
To Your will and to Your way
We surrender all
Help us follow and obey

We place our future in Your hands
For only through You can we stand
Your word shimmers light upon our path
Step by step into the promise land

One day You'll rent the heavens
We'll fly away with You
Then You'll judge the world
With justice and with truth

Lord our future's at Your feet
By Your grace we're made complete
Keep us till that awesome day
When every knee will bend Your way

Author of our future days
We humble ourselves and we pray
Have Your way Lord
Have Your way

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