Wednesday, October 7, 2015

His Creative Word

With eyes that see eternity
He gazed upon the black chaos
The Great I Am spoke a word of power
“Light be” and light was

The earth and all creation
A kaleidoscope of His glory
Formed from His creative word

Man He fashioned from the dust of the earth
He breathed life into the lungs of man and he arose
He was made in the Almighty’s image
And God said this creation was very good

We are made in His image
We too can speak words of power
Let God’s word be the blueprint for our speech
Let us speak words of life and not death
Words of faith not doubt
Words of love and not hate

Lord, give us eyes to see eternity
So we can flow with rhythm of Your purpose on the earth
Let us as one proclaim
"Lord, Your will be done
Your Kingdom come!"

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