Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Seed

The seed of God’s word
In fertile soil
Generates the life and character of God

With perseverance
We will reap if we faint not

If we nurture this seed
It will flourish
The harvest awaits us

We sow in our own hearts
And in the hearts of others

The Holy Spirit hovers over
The seed of God’s word in our hearts

There’s enormous potential in a seed
Just like the atom
Within it lies power
Power to produce
Power to push through the hardened clay
Even through the cemented areas of our hearts

God’s word is highly exalted
It accomplishes all that it is sent by our Lord to do

But we must remove the weeds
That seek to choke the life of the word of God

Guard your heart with all diligence
For it is the wellspring of life

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