Saturday, May 18, 2013

Christ's Blood Set Me Free

My head was upraised
My neck stiff and arrogant
The world was my home
Self sat comfortably on the throne
I went with the flow
Canoed the murky river

Yet Someone called my name
It was an odd voice
I heard it once before
When a gospel salesman came to my door
A salesman not greedy for the stuff of this earth
His heart was an open door
But I stiffened

This second time I turned to listen
The voice came through a gospel singer
He sang and spoke of freedom

I ran to the cross
Exchanged the chains that engulfed me
For a crown

Jesus saved me
Not through an effort of my own
But through His sacrifice alone

Now I climb the mountain
Swim against the tide
Now I choose to bring the gospel far and wide

Grace is the Banner over me
Christ’s blood set me free

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