Sunday, January 30, 2011

In the Strangest of Circumstances

Last night a group of us celebrated a dear friend's birthday. It was a surprise party, but this event had more than one eye-opener. After much prodding from my persuasive wife, I volunteered to impersonate the one and only - Elvis. I initially said yes believing that I would also be able to sing one of my own Christian songs. But it turned out that there was not room in the program for one of my compositions. Buy this time, I had already committed to the performance.

About a year ago, my wife, Lou, and I purchased an Elvis costume for a senior's costume party, where we sang. The outfit came with a colorful top and bottom, sunglasses, and a puffy wig. Lou dressed as a cat. Those in attendance seemed to truly enjoy the performance. The outfit still fits me, in fact I've lost some weight since I last put it on.

But yesterday's performance was not to seniors, it was to my peers, and I felt a bit nervous. I also knew the audience was composed of people with a mix of spiritual backgrounds, and I wanted the Lord to use me to somehow glorify Him, even as Elvis. I practiced my singing and guitar playing and I prayed. Lou also prepared for a Filipino song that she was to sing.

As I prayed, God began to give me an idea. The performance went as follows....

The MC announced my arrival, I grabbed my guitar and the microphone. I explained to the crowd that my home is now in heaven, or as I like to call it - Graceland. I told them I just got my hair done at the heavenly salon. I told them the Lord allowed me to come down to sing one song. I also said that while I was on the earth people called me the king. Now I worship the true King of Kings – Jesus Christ! Then I led the group in singing happy birthday to the celebrant, and I sang“Blue Swede Shoes”. Praise God, the crowd loved it.

I learned that we can glorify Jesus in the strangest of circumstances. If He can use a donkey to preach His word, He can surely use an amateur Elvis impersonator to shine some light in the dark. Let's look for creative ways to reach our world. Let's be all things to all men. Let's use the opportunities He gives us to bring Him glory. I hope you enjoyed this true story. If you were to tell me you did, I would say, “Thank you, thank you very much!”

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