Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Noble Woman

Like a flower that never fades
Is my love for you
Full of glory and of grace
Is your response, faithful and true

You complete me
A gift from God above
You complete me
I’m held captive by your love

Your beauty moves me
Your smile revives me
Your touch renews me
Your lips undo me

I delight to watch and listen to you sing
Praises to the Risen King
When we pray together,
We are ready for any weather

Still troubled days come to us all
When foolish words are spoken
But we have learned through it all
To fix what we have broken

You, my angel, work diligently
In all you set your hand to
You help me to see
There are no limits to what I can do
I have found a noble woman
Generous and strong
I have found a noble woman
I will praise God for you all life long

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