Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Farmer Sows the Seed (Mark 4:1-20)

The faithful Farmer sows the seed
He spreads it far and wide
Some land in barren places
Where the birds nibble
Some in rocky spots with little depth
Some amidst thorns
And some on fertile ground

The seed is God’s word
The types of ground reflect our hearts
The attitude of our hearts
Determines the seed’s outcome

For those who receive the seed in barren places,
satan steals the word

Some have hearts that are rocky and devoid of depth,
Though they receive the word with joy,
They do not prevail against trouble and persecution
These plants do not mature

For those entangled in worldly living,
The seed is choked by thorns
Of greed and the desire of other things

But the humble soul that understands and obeys the word
Is the only one who bears abundant fruit

Lord search our hearts
Give us an understanding mind,
A humble soul,
And an obedient life that trembles at Your word

Once we receive Your word,
Give us the grace to become a faithful farmer
To also sow the seed both far and wide

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