Monday, February 15, 2016

Lesson from a Dandelion

 Here is a post from the past that I believe will encourage you to make a difference in the world...

“The sower sows the word.”  Mark 4:14

As a child in the summertime, I loved to pluck up dried dandelions – the ones that held the white seedlings set in the form of a globe – and blow.  I would watch the wind escort these seedlings to faraway places.  My father discouraged me from doing this, so I practiced this pastime away from our own yard.

I did not realize that when I blew these seeds into the atmosphere, I was acting out a principle of the word of God. Jesus said, “The sower sows the word.”  Like farmers we are to scatter the seed of God’s word all around us.  We are to tell others about the goodness of God. 

Each of us has a story to tell about how we received Christ into our hearts.  And directly or indirectly, someone sowed the word of God into each of our lives to bring about the miracle of salvation within us.

When I was a new believer, I would look at a crowd of people and feel guilty because I was not reaching them for Christ.  I am more grounded now in God’s love for me and I realize that I can’t reach everyone with the gospel, but I can do my part.  One of the things I have done is to create my own tracts.  I pass them out at restaurants and places of business.  I simply hand them out with a smile and say, “I’d like to give you this.  It is something I have written and I believe it will be an encouragement to you.” 90% of the time they receive it gladly.

Jesus told us to go and preach the gospel to all creation.  He wants us to be encouraged in the unique ways that He has made us.  We each have gifts and talents that God wants us to use to win the unsaved.  Won’t you pray and ask God to show you what your part is in the Great Commission?  He is waiting for you to draw near to Him.  He desires to use you to scatter the seed of God’s word in your sphere of influence.  Who knows, He may even use you to reach those in far away places. 

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