Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Prince of Peace

The slick swift pace of life
Nibbles at my peace
When I set my eyes on you Lord
You set my heart at ease

When I give in to the tempest and the tide
When I allow doubt to creep in like a choking vine
I find unrest deep inside my soul
I must give You full control

You came so I could be saved
From the chaos that surrounds me
I must reduce my pace
Slow down, so I can be free

When I set my face like a flint upon
Your promises and Your commands
I experience You as my Prince of Peace
You cause me to stand

Oh that I would be wise enough
To simplify my life
And find victory over the strife

You are my Prince of Peace
Worry you must flee
You are My Shepherd Friend
I will love You till the end

You are my Prince of Peace
It’s You only that I see
I cast my cares on you
Savior, You are true

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