Saturday, May 30, 2015

No Stain

When I am bowed down
From the weight of my sin
And the heaviness of guilt
Plagues me within

A thick black cloud
Tries to silence my tongue
As I hear the whisper
Of the evil one

But when I run to You,
Jesus, my bitter pain is through

The coldness of my heart
Warms in Your embrace
As I gaze at Your bright beaming face

My heaviness flies out of sight
Like a crow that takes flight

When I confess to You, Lord, my wrong
Within me wells a song
Amazing grace so sweet
Brings dancing to my feet

I stand erect with hands held high
Praising the One who hears my heartfelt cry

I am free, I am free
Through Christ I lay hold of victory

I am free, I am free
There is no stain upon me

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