Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Beginnings

She carries the infant to full term
Now she lies in the delivery room
The baby bursts forth with the first cries of life
The mother holds her brand new child

New beginnings are here for you and me
Springing forth into great victory
Abundant blessings
Now to behold
New beginnings for young and for old

There's a path that He wants us on
We use our gifts to sing salvation's song
He is leading us to effective use
Open doors to share the gospel truth

There's a new beginning for your life today
Open up, give your life away
He will fill you with His love and purpose true
The Light of the world wants to shine through you

New beginnings wondrous to behold
New beginnings worth more than the finest gold

Let's embrace all that comes our way
From the Father, who's with us every day
Let's embrace this new path that we see
Lead us now Lord and unto eternity

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