Monday, June 30, 2014

Have Fun!

As a young believer, I took seriously the calling to follow after Christ. I attended church regularly, prayed, read my Bible, and tried to reach others for Jesus. But there was one ingredient missing in the recipe of my life – joy. My shortage of joy was directly related to a lack of understanding of the grace of God. It took time for God to get through to me. Gradually, the Lord began to reveal His great love for me. One day I wrote a song called “Have Fun”. Here is a sampling of it:

“Have Fun in the presence of the, have fun in the presence of the, have fun in the presence of the Lord.”

“He wants to be your Buddy and your Friend. His love for you will never, never end. His peace is sweet. His joy it overflows. Holy laughter from the Holy Ghost.”

I believe we can have fun in our relationship with Jesus, and we can carry that joy into the various ways we serve Him. The Bible says that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Joy is also contagious. Without joy our witness for Christ proves empty and dry like land experiencing severe drought.

We can take this journey of Christianity with joy as our companion. We can have fun as we follow the King. Lets ask God to reveal to us His love. Let's take hold of the freedom that is ours through His sacrifice.

Come my friend draw near to the Lord. Have fun and experience His joy.

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