Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Greatest Privilege of All

He (Jesus) replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” Luke 10:19 NIV parentheses mine

Jesus appointed seventy-two believers and sent them two by two to preach the gospel and to heal the sick and cast out demons in His name. These "sent-ones" enjoyed enormous success. They returned with joy and said to Jesus that even the demons submit us in Your name.

Our Lord's response was intriguing. On one hand He encouraged them; He affirmed them by declaring the authority that was given them over Satan. But he also told them they were to rejoice that their names were written in heaven not because of the authority they possess through the name of Jesus. Jesus was pointing out that their relationship with the Father was to be their number one concern.

At this time, Jesus beamed with joy and said, “I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. Yes, Father, for this was Your good pleasure.” (Luke 10:21 NIV) It takes someone with a childlike heart to believe that God has given us power to defeat the enemy; it takes someone who has a genuine relationship with the Lord, someone who is not wise in their own eyes to find victory in spiritual warfare. Psalm 8:2 says, “From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.” Here the Scripture refers to praise as one of the weapons we have against the Devil, but also notice that this victory is given to children and infants or to those with a childlike heart before God.

Let's embrace the authority that the Lord has granted us. When we pray in faith, mountains move and demons flee in terror. But let us not glory in the power that has been delegated to us; rather, let's glory in the intimate relationship we have with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Because of Christ's sacrifice on the cross, we have been given the greatest privilege. We now have free access into the throne room of God; for knowing Him is the greatest privilege of all.

Dear Father God,

I praise You and worship You. I thank you for giving me victory over the enemy. But Lord I am filled with praise and awe because You chose me to have an abiding relationship with you. Help me to know you more and more intimately as I walk with You. In Jesus name, Amen.

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