Monday, March 11, 2013

Now and Always

It isn’t based on circumstance
It doesn’t come from happenstance
It’s a fruit that abides
That flows from within
Joy is a river that comes from Him

Its language is praise
Even before everything comes in line
Joy is our strength all of the time
It rises from being in union with Christ
We are the branches He is the Vine

Joy laughs at the days to come
Even when shut in the dark
Paul and Silas praised the Lord
While in their prison cell
Heaven and earth were shaken
Yes, even hell
God broke their chains
All was well

Joy makes us strong and stable
We will give God praise
He’ll make us more than able
Able to face any giant
Able in Him not self-reliant

Joy is now, not when the sky clears
Joy is a welcome companion for the journey
Let’s make joy our daily garment
Set aside the rags of discouragement
Let’s rejoice both now and always
Now and always

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