Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Ordinary Boat Ride (A Parable)

The motorboat skims across the mirrored glass.  The water is still and lifeless.  Jesus your Master is at the bow.  He points, you steer.  He leads, you follow.

But then the wind whips the waves into motion.  The boat climbs each crest and then falls and the crash causes the water to splash in your face.  A storm is brewing.  But Jesus rests his head on a pillow and falls asleep.  The rain plummets from the sky like enemy paratroopers.  The waves now peak at fourteen feet, but the storm is not over and the turmoil intensifies. 
Then, you cry out to the Messiah, “Jesus, please help me.  The storm is raging around us.  Would you speak over the tossed waters and calm the sea?”  Jesus awakes and says, “I could do this, but I have delegated my authority to you.  You too can speak to the wind and the waves.  Come my chosen one and use your delegated authority.”  You pause, swallow hard, and raise your voice, “In the name of Jesus, I command you wind and water to silence.  I speak peace to you.  Peace.  Peace!”
At first, nothing happens.  But then the miracle unfolds.  The wind dies down and the waves dissipate.  You are overcome with awe and wonder, and you say, “Lord Jesus I worship You.  Thank you for bringing this about.” 

“It was My pleasure.  But we did it together for you are a co-laborer with me.”  Jesus then laid his head on his pillow and went back to sleep.  This was no ordinary boat ride.

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