Friday, November 9, 2012

The Favor of God

The favor of God resting upon a life
Causes forests to spring forth from a single seed
Makes enemies live at peace with you and me
Ushers long-awaited dreams to realization
Brings promised plans to fruition

God’s favor
Delivers God’s best to us
Enables us to trust
Gives us the upper hand
And causes us to stand

The favor of our Sovereign Lord
Can turn the heart of kings
The favor of our Sovereign God
Will give the prisoner wings

His favor brings promotion
Sets God’s will in motion
Opens doors once welded shut
By God’s grace not through luck

The favor of God that rests upon a life
Is a mighty force
Obtained by faith not sight
It rests upon the faithful and obedient
On behalf of these God will fight

He will show compassion
Love in action
To those who trust in Him
He will bring them an unrivaled-win

Such are the benefits for those
Who receive God’s glorious favor


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