Monday, August 27, 2012

Praise Be

Praise Be to my Rock
To the Prince of Peace
Who sets my heart at ease 

Praise be to the One I serve
The Way, the Word

Praise be to Jesus Christ
The Lamb of God
Who paid the price

Glory, Glory to the Triune God
In Him my feet are shod 

Let the praises ring
From the mountain tops
To the valleys low
From the highest heights
Reaching down below

With the loudest shout
With a silent heart surrendered 

With the tambourine
With a symphony
With the strings of a guitar
With harmonies heard near and far 

Praise be to my Rock
Who freed my soul
Who made me whole
Who loves me unreservedly
Who clothes me in His glory 

Praise be to The Beginning and the End
My Forever Friend

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