Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thank You for Your Mercy

Don't sit in darkness
Your back turned to the light
Open up and let the Daystar shine on you

There is forgiveness for you
No matter how far you've strayed
The Father will run to you
And restore you
He will remove all your shame

His mercies are new every morning
There is a time to mourn over sin and failure
But after He washes us
After we have turned from our sin
To the Master
We must stand in His righteousness

We who are Christ followers
Are the redeemed, the forgiven
Gratitude rises up in our hearts

Let us forgive those who have harmed us
Let us proclaim His mercy
Without Him we are nothing
Without His touch we are utterly broken

But He has redeemed us
Because of His blood
We have been made completely righteous
Right-standing with God is our breastplate
Thank you Lord for Your great and abundant mercy
Thank you for forgiving us when we each had lost our way

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