Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Divine Surgeon

The doctor listens
Thump thump
With his ear he examines
The heart in motion

Other tests reveal
The condition of the organ
The physician determines the diagnosis

The man lies flat on his back
Fast asleep
A surgeon cuts deep into the patient's flesh
Skillful hands bring a cure

God sees our heart
He perceives the complexities
Of our nature
And judges our thoughts and intentions

Sharper than a scalpel
His word cuts away those things that harm us
So we can bear more fruit

The Father loves us
Like the physician He is concerned about our complete well being
He desires only what's best for us
The same hands that cut away sin administer healing

In the presence of the Holy One
We are made a little more like our Maker
Becoming holy as He is holy

Who are we to resist
The hands of the Divine Surgeon

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